National Salary Committee increases 19% to the minimum wage

In a meeting led by President Luis Abinader, the National Salary Committee (CNS) announced a 19% increase in the minimum wage for non-sectorized private employees.

At the meeting, the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps, reported that this increase begins to be applied in April, with an increase of 15% and later in February 2024 an increase of 4% for large companies. medium, small and micro-enterprises.

“This highest non-sector minimum wage covered 77% of the basic food basket, 93% of the cost of the basic family food basket; the salary of the medium-sized company that covered 53% now covers 85% of the basic basket; In the case of small companies, it increases by 10%, that is, 47% coverage will now cover 57% of the minimum wage of the non-sectorized sector of the cost of the basic basket”, said de Camps.

With the 15% increase, large companies, which had the minimum wage at RD$21,000, go to RD$24,150 for an increase of RD$3,150; the medians go from RD$19,250 to RD$22,137.5, for an increase of 2,887.5

Similarly, small companies that maintained the minimum wage at RD$12,900 now increase RD$1,935, placing the minimum wage at RD$14,835.

Finally, microenterprises with a minimum wage of RD$11,900 increase by 1,785 to have a minimum wage of RD$13,685.

trade union sector

While the president of the National Confederation of Trade Union Unity (CNUS), Rafael Pepe Abreu, He pointed out that he was not satisfied with the increase, but his fight is increasing, so they will continue to fight from the achievements made.

“We are not satisfied, because the man or woman who shows agreement does not deserve to be alive, life is a continuous permanent struggle and if you did not accept that minimum that was there, you could then say that he is going to make an armed revolution ”, he added.

He pointed out that an agreement had to be reached, since they cannot declare an armed revolution and overthrow the businessmen.

He also added that employees represent the labor force, so “they deserve to live with dignity”, explaining that until now they have a subsistence level and this process of increase means that their income is representative.

“So that work constitutes a way of personal and family fulfillment, which does not constitute an obligation pure and simple, but rather constitutes an improvement of the worker personally and in the family”, said the unionist.


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