National commissioner announces a tryout with free agents for scholarships and college league

The Office of the National Baseball Commissioner will hold a tryout this Sunday starting at 8 in the morning with free agent players and releases in order to provide them with scholarships, recruit them for the University Baseball League and that some Major League organizations show interest. in signing them.

This was announced by the National Baseball Commissioner, Junior Noboa, during a meeting in which sports directors belonging to the universities that will participate in the second LBU tournament, scheduled to open on August 26, participated.

“This represents a great dream that we have had since our first days in the position and we even raised it with President Luis Abinader in one of our meetings and who loved the idea so much that we immediately received his instructions so that we can move forward with it” Noboa maintained, after delivering the central speech in the activity.

“You can already see how we are advancing in our interest in providing opportunities to those players who are currently without jobs in baseball, but in the end the goal is for them to become better citizens, who can prepare themselves and have greater educational opportunities,” he added. Noboa.

He expressed that this initiative deserves everyone’s support. “For me in particular, contributing to a better future for these young people will be a great priority, being able to help them make their dreams come true,” she added.

It is expected that some 60 players, including pitchers and position players, will participate in this first tryout, some 15 coaches will act in it and there will even be listeners from various Major League organizations present.

Some of those recruited will receive scholarships and could take part in the upcoming LBU tournament. The maximum age of the participants will be 26 years.

On his side, Sócrates Aguavivas, UNAPEC sports director, pointed out that the event will be attended by baseball players from all over the country, who will be observed by universities from all over the country.

“We have already carried out two previous evaluations, the dynamics to follow will include base running, hitting, defense, shooting at the bases and in the end we will play a game,” he said.

He added that this time talents are recruited, many of them are in their different provinces, perhaps with little action in baseball.

Roque García, who chairs the University Sports Commission and who highly valued the realization of this tryout, participated in the meeting, which will provide opportunities for a talent that is currently in recess.

Also present was José Luis Suero, who is the technical director of the League, Johan Ramírez, from Dream Big Little League, as well as sports directors from each of the participating universities.

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