“National Agricultural Fair 2023” will be from March 17 to 26

He National Board of Cattlemen (PNG) announced the celebration of the “National Agricultural Fair 2023”, from March 17 to 26 in the facilities of the Cattle Cityan event designed to showcase the best of national production and strengthen the unity of the sector.

This year, The motto of the fair is “United we are more” and has a special dedication to President Luis Abinader Corona, in recognition of his broad and sustained support for the Dominican countryside, in order to guarantee the profitability of the sector and the food security of the population.

During those nine days of the fair, the Ciudad Ganadera facilities will be open to the public to enjoy exhibitions, sale of animals, agricultural products at low prices, equipment and machinery, as well as exhibitions and competitions of different animal species.

The Vice Minister of Rural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture, Miriam Guzmán, On behalf of Minister Limber Cruz, he stressed that the fair will not only serve to highlight the country’s achievements in agricultural matters, but also to reinforce the actions that have positioned the country with the best economic indicators, despite the crisis situation.

José Manuel Mallén, president of the Board of Cattlemen, He highlighted the fact that in the last two years there has been no shortage in the agricultural field and in that order he thanked the government for supporting production, which is becoming more and more necessary.

“The main thing right now, when it is necessary to guarantee food security and the profitability of agricultural producersis that we are united, with common interests, as the president has wanted, through the “Agricultural Cabinet“That producers, ranchers and other subsectors that have an impact, have a space to promote the development of the sector, for the benefit of the nation,” said Mallén.

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