Home Sports Nathaniel Hackett, first victim of the Broncos disaster

Nathaniel Hackett, first victim of the Broncos disaster

Nathaniel Hackett, first victim of the Broncos disaster

There is a saying that what starts badly ends badly. The Denver Broncos announced Monday afternoon the removal of Nathaniel Hackett as the team’s coach. after the 51-14 thrashing they had on Christmas Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.

Denver is 4-11 after 16 weeks of the seasonbeing the third worst in the league, only above the Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans, the two worst teams in the league.

Hackett arrived this year after being the offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. and a restructuring in the franchise was expected after the trade they had with the Seattle Seahawks to bring in Russell Wilson at quarterback, who turned out to be a huge scam.

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In a statement, team owner and CEO Gregg Penner said: “After extensive discussions with George Paton and our ownership group, we determined that a new direction would ultimately be in the best interest of the Broncos.”

“This change was made out of respect for everyone involved. and allows us to immediately begin the search for a new coach. We recognize and appreciate the championship history of this organization and understand that we have not lived up to that standard,” he adds.

The numbers of the disaster called Denver

Denver Broncos offense ranks third worst in terms of touchdown passes, only the Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers have scored fewer passing touchdowns than Colorado State, and overall they have scored the fewest with just 22.

Besides, Russell Wilson He is the quarterback who has been sacked the most times with a total of 57followed by the Rams with 51 and the Chicago Bears, who have been victims of opposing linebackers 50 times.

Finally, Denver is the worst team in terms of points scored per game, at just 15.5. They are followed by the Houston Texans with 16.9. The Broncos will close the season against the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers.

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