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Natalia Lafourcade returns to Mexico and celebrates the idea of ​​a female president

Natalia Lafourcade returns to Mexico and celebrates the idea of ​​a female president

The Mexican singer-songwriter Natalia Lafourcade will perform in her native country in November after almost six years of absence, in a return that coincides with a historic political situation where two women could run for the presidency, a scenario that excites the artist.

“It generates hope, it generates the part of saying, will we be able to do it differently? Will we be able to do it better? So I’m pleased on that side, I’m very pleased, very proud too,” Lafourcade said in an interview with AFP.

Mexico will hold presidential elections in June 2024 and although the parties have yet to choose who their candidates will be, surveys show the pro-government candidate Claudia Sheinbaum, former mayor of Mexico City, and the senator of indigenous origin Xóchitl Gálvez, representing the opposition, as favorites Broad Front for Mexico.

The artist believes that a female president would allow Mexico to face its challenges by following “much more balanced, less radical” paths.

“It is important to reconcile points of view, the way we see each other, respect differences and respect worlds (…) And that’s when I say: ‘I think we perhaps seek, not impose, not say emphatically things have to done this way'”, the artist abounds about the feminine vision.

Lafourcade clarifies that she prefers to stay out of the political contest, but stresses that those who have raised their hands to achieve an eventual candidacy “are intelligent women, they are sensitive women, they are prepared women.”

– Returns with “a huge record” –

The return to Mexican stages of the interpreter of “Tú sí sabes quererme” will be to present the album “De todas las flores”, released in October 2022 and the first with unpublished songs and of her own authorship since “Hasta la raíz” of the 2015.

“This is a huge record, it’s a huge record because it has many branches, it has many fields, many areas. It has led me to rediscover many spaces of my creativity, of my creative worlds,” explains Lafourcade.

Between 2017 and 2021, Lafourcade released four albums full of folklore, won 15 Latin Grammys and two from the United States, sang at galas like the Oscars, and was called to collaborate by Venezuelan director Gustavo Dudamel.

With “De todas las flores”, a collection of 12 songs about femininity, nature, the mystical and love, the 39-year-old from Veracruz has reunited with the public that has already been able to enjoy her in concerts in the United States, Canada, Spain and France.

“I haven’t toured for a long time, I haven’t been on stage for a long time the way we’re doing now,” Lafourcade enthuses.

“And then I say, well, what’s next, and what song is next and what am I going to say now? It’s great! (fabulous). Now I see that abyss as something very good. But it’s an abyss, it’s like that, it’s a void,” he adds.

Before his presentations in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, Lafourcade will present his new creations to audiences in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile, among other countries to be announced.

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