Natalia Lafourcade: A flower lights up the nights of the Botanical Garden of Madrid

Night falls but its darkness is not felt. The garden of the “Noches en el Botánico” festival is on fire, in a second concert, with smiles, tears and the looks of a capacity full of 4,000 captivated people by the powerful music of Mexican artist Natalia Lafourcade.

For her followers in Spain, time has not passed, they love her the same or more than before they last saw her four years ago, when he came to present his “World Tour” in Barcelona and the Spanish capital.

Before the Mexican opened the stage, the audience, predominantly female and Latin American, already knew that this tour was not the same as the past ones, on this the Mexican, for the first time in seven years, would perform her unpublished album: “Of all the flowers”.

A microphone, a wooden chair, a small table that holds a lamp with warm light and a white cup, are the objects that decorate the center of the scene and with which the artist invited the public to share an intimate but also dark space.

The crowd became heated as soon as they saw a line of black-clad musicians entering the dance floor disguised as an empty room. The followers raised their voices and together sang a hymn with his name.


The teacher of son jarocho (a musical genre from Veracruz) entered the stage with an almost mournful appearance, already wearing the traditional long black dress of the tour. Her lost gaze and her tour with her heavy clothing led her to the empty chair while the first melodies of “Vine Solita” were heard in the background.

The course of the first three songs of this new album -which inspired the composer to write her first book “De todas las flores”- they silenced the public, who seemed dazzled by the ghostly performance of the singer.

Suddenly, as if something or someone dissolved a curse, Lafourcade broke the silence with the audience and a smile broke out on his face as he put his hand on his chest.

Thank you very much Madrid. Much love, I feel it here. Today we are here well inside my gardens”, confessed the jazz fan to introduce “Hummingbird Bird”, a song in which she took refuge to “heal the heart and some little things”.

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After a hectic flight between guitar solos and the almost imperceptible notes of the piano, the artist, with more than nine million monthly listeners on Spotify, asked the public to land on the lands of the Mexican state of Oaxaca to enter “through a little door”. to the lyrics of “María Sabina, la Curandera”.

Afterwards, Lafourcade stood up and closed this part of the concert by shedding the long train of her dress as she sHe confronted the dark specter through the verses of “…Death”.


In a second segment, the Mexican woman was reborn from her flowers inside an orange dress with “One Hundred Years”, a piece that pays tribute to the icon of Mexican gold cinema, Pedro Infante.

Although no one expected it, the return to her classics was accompanied by a musical embrace sung by two Spaniards, Rozalén and Sílvia Pérez Cruz.

Between duets and trios, the three singer-songwriters joined their voices to offer the public two unique versions of “You got used to me” and “Loneliness and the sea”, songs that belong to the Musas album.

A few minutes after closing the event, the theme that everyone was waiting for sounded: “Hasta la raíz”, the first song in Spanish of this genre with over 500 million streams on Spotify.

Then came the farewell with “Never is enough”, and that is how the spectators stayed, waiting for one more letter for this presentation that will remain buried in the memory of the Madrid gardens.

With this second concert, Lafourcade closed his tour in Spain, but will continue in the United States, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

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