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Nàstic attacks Pinilla in extremis

Nàstic attacks Pinilla in extremis

He Nastic He now has ten points left to stay at the top of the table Beat Teruel thanks to a goal from Pablo Trigueros from a set piece in the final phase of the game. The group led by Dani Vidal managed to destroy the Pinilla Fortressa stadium where the Teruel team had not suffered a defeat in the league for a year and a half.

First RFEF






Taliby; Víctor Sanchís, Arnau Gaixas, Sierra, Julen (Correia, 89′); Aparicio (Alastuey, 75′), Tena, Nacho Castillo (Facu, 46′), Borja Martínez (Ahn, 89′); Villa, Gabarre (Buenacasa, 75′).


Varus; Domingo, Trigueros, Nacho Gonzalez, Joan Oriol; Óscar Sanz, Borja Martínez (Gorostidi, 57′); Concha (Mario, 74′), Jardí (Andy, 57′), Pablo Fernández; G. Santamaría (Marc Fernández, 57′).


0-1 M.89 Pablo Trigueros.


Tarraga Lajara (Valencia). TA: Nacho Castillo (12′), Arnau (38′), Sanchís (47′), Villa (64′) / Borja Martínez (55′), P. Fernández (62′), J. Oriol (65′).


Pinilla. 1,410 spectators.

In the first half, the Catalan team remained organized and put pressure on Teruel. Despite it, The lack of precision prevented him from getting close to the dangerous area.. Only Garden He approached with a shot took out the wood.

Already in the second half the game became harder and lost its brilliance. So much so that both teams seemed to accept the draw after an hour in a game with no chances.

About the horn

But then it appeared Pablo Trigueros. It was the 89th minute of the game when Andy Escudero hit a set piece into the box which was finished by the Nàstic centre-back to beat goalkeeper Taliby. The goal conceded was activated by Teruel, who turned against it a great Varo who saved the 1-0 for the population of Tarragona in the last minutes.

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