Naseeruddin Shah’s Attack on Taliban Supporters Said Hindustani Islam is Different | Afghanistan crisis: Naseeruddin Shah’s attack on Taliban supporter, said

Since the overthrow of the government in Afghanistan and the occupation of the Taliban, there is also a constant debate on this issue in India. While one section raises its voice on the human rights of ordinary Afghans, there are some people who also support the Taliban. Meanwhile, veteran film actor Naseeruddin Shah has launched a scathing attack on those who support the Taliban. Naseeruddin Shah said that the Islam of India is different.

In giving his opinion on this issue, Naseeruddin Shah said that Islamic customs and customs in many parts of the world are very different from those in India. Mocking those who celebrate the Taliban’s victory, Naseeruddin Shah said that Hindustani Islam is quite different. A clip recorded in Urdu has appeared in which he is heard condemning those who welcome the Taliban.

He said that the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan is a cause for concern for the whole world. The celebration of some Indian Muslims by this barbarian people is cause for concern and quite dangerous. Every Muslim should ask himself if he wants a modern form of Islam. They want modernity like stubbornness or barbaric customs of many centuries.

On the other hand, Naseeruddin Shah said that Indian Islam has always been different from the Islam of the rest of the world. In concluding his talk, Naseeruddin says that I pray that Hindustani Islam never changes in such a way that we don’t even recognize it.

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