Naseeruddin Shah had to apologize to Pakistani Sindhis, he said, ‘Will you crucify them now?’

Naseeruddin Shah has had a deep connection to the controversies. The actor expresses his opinion in a very open way. However, he every time he finds himself under the target of one subject or another. He was recently seen again when the actor gave his opinion on the Sindhi language in Pakistan. What was then? Pakistani Sindhis targeted the actor on this matter. After which Naseeruddin Shah had to apologize for this.

Naseeruddin Shah had said that Sindhi is not spoken in Pakistan. After which, the Sindhis living there started telling lies to the actor about this matter.

Naseeruddin has now apologized to Pakistani Sindhis by writing a Facebook post after the controversy escalated and calling it his mistake. He wrote: ‘Ok ok I apologize to the entire Sindhi people of Pakistan. I think he is very hurt by my wrong opinion. I accept that I was misinformed, but does this justify crucifixion? As Jesus said, let him be free. In fact, after many years of being considered a wise man, I now enjoy being called an ignorant and pretentious intellectual. This is a big change.

A few days ago, Naseeruddin also made headlines for his statement on the Marathi language. Then while clarifying this as well, he said that people are taking his words the wrong way.

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