Naseeruddin Shah Called ‘Kerala Story’ ‘Dangerous Trend’, Said: ‘Neither Have I Seen Nor Will I See’

Filmmaker Vipul Shah’s ‘The Kerala Story’ is garnering much praise. Despite being in controversy, the film is succeeding at the box office. Though actor Naseeruddin Shah sees this movie from a different perspective. He says that he doesn’t want to see this movie.

Naseeruddin Shah says that the best movies like ‘Afwah’, ‘Bheed’ and ‘Faraz’ died at the box office but a movie like ‘The Kerala Story’ is making a splash on the big screen. He says that people are talking a lot about this movie, but they haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to see it.

Naseeruddin Shah further linked this trend to Nazism in Germany. He says that during Hitler’s time, the government or the leaders used to make the filmmakers make films about themselves, in which they were praised and showed what the government had done for the people of the country. Because of this, many filmmakers used to leave Germany and go to Hollywood and make movies there. The same thing is happening here now.

Let us tell you that even though the story of the Ada Sharma starring film ‘The Kerala Story’ is strong, it is already under discussion before its release. Even after several weeks have passed since its release, various kinds of discussions about this movie continue. However, despite the controversies, the public is loving this movie. Many people are giving positive feedback about this movie but actor Kamal Haasan and Kolkata filmmaker Anik Chowdhary have called it a ‘propaganda movie’ for which they are getting heavily criticized on social media.

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