NASA releases new image of star formation

NASA uses the James Webb Space Telescope to photograph the universe. Last Wednesday, the company celebrated the first anniversary of the start of work in space. On this occasion, NASA has released a new image of star formation. The photo is taken very close up. In the picture, fins of red gas are floating in the universe. Along with it is a bright coil of dust.

The images were taken from a cloud complex called Rho Aufucci. It is the closest Stellar Nursery in the world. It is known as the site of new star formation.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said that in just one year, the James Webb Space Telescope has been able to bring the universe to life before people’s eyes. Through this, for the first time, there has been an opportunity to see dust clouds and light far away from Earth.

Bill Nelson also said that every new picture means a new discovery. Through this, scientists around the world will find answers to many of their questions, which they never imagined at one time.

James Webb’s images show about 50 newly formed stars with masses similar to or less than our Sun.

Astronomer Christine Chen of the Space Telescope Science Institute said that the bottom part of the image shows a newly formed and very bright star. The gas from which the star was born is forming bubbles in the gas and dust cloud. Interstellar space is mostly filled with gas and dust. These serve as raw material for new stars and planets. Source: Reuters

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