Home Science NASA is supporting a film about astronaut José Hernández

NASA is supporting a film about astronaut José Hernández

NASA is supporting a film about astronaut José Hernández

In collaboration with Amazon Studios, the POT has helped narrate the life and career of his retired astronaut Jose Hernandez about the next movie A million miles away (translated in Spanish as million miles), starring Michael Pena.

The film tells the story of Hernández, who was born in 1962 in French Camp, California (USA). Her The parents were Mexican migrantsand worked with them in gathering fruits and vegetables.

The life of astronaut José Hernández will be featured in the next film, A Million Miles Away.

On one occasion he explained how his interest in space was sparked: “I was cleaning a row of sugar beets with a hoe and heard on the radio that Franklin Chang-Díaz (another Hispanic) had been chosen to be the astronaut, and that was it .” The moment I said, ‘I want to go to space’. I’ve fought for it every day since then.”

He graduated from the University of the Pacific, later earned a Masters in Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and was selected by NASA for their 2004 astronaut team.

Hernández made his first trip into space STS-128 missionlaunched in 2009 International Space Station (ISS). From there tweeted For the first time in Spanish.

For the film, which hits theaters in the United States later this month, NASA provided its technical expertise, footage and images, and obtained the necessary approvals for the design of sets, props and costumes.

“José, a Latino astronaut, is one of the many professionals from diverse backgrounds who have contributed to our work to explore the mysteries of the universe for the benefit of all,” he points out. Elaine HoDirector of Diversity at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

“Her story, which highlights the power of perseverance to achieve your dreams, is an inspiration to people from all backgrounds,” he adds. Since 1980, the agency has selected more than a dozen Latin American astronauts.

The story of José Hernández underscores the power of perseverance to achieve your dreams: an inspiration to people of all backgrounds

Elaine Ho (NASA)

“The premiere of this film coincides with the beginning of the Hispanic Heritage Monththat provides an important platform to tell stories like Hernandez’s, while also raising awareness of NASA’s history and inspiring a new generation: the Artemis generation,” he says. Brian OdomChief Historian at NASA Headquarters.

The US Space Agency is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion for all of its workforce. It is currently continuing its journey of lunar exploration missions as part of the Artemis program, which will send the first woman and first non-white human to the lunar surface. Then his next big leap will be the trip to Mars.

José Hernández (bottom center) in node 1 of the International Space Station during the STS-128 mission. /NASA

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