Napoleon: The Emperor of the French offers himself a trailer worthy of his legend!

The trailer of Napoleon unveils the next epic Ridley Scott. The film, which will be released in theaters on November 22 before streaming on AppleTV+traces the rise to power of the famous French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his romance with the Empress Josephine. Besides Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Napoleon And vanessa kirby in that of Josephine, The film features Tahar Rahim, Ben Miles, Matthew Needham And Paul Rhys.

Sony Pictures just unveiled the first official Napoleon movie trailer.

The trailer opens with the chaotic streets of Paris in 1793 before introducing the main character played by the talented Joaquin Phoenix. Between two sumptuous combat scenes, the film traces the rise to power of the Emperor of the French and the difficult choices he had to make.

Napoleon © Sony Pictures Entertainment

Napoleon © Sony Pictures Entertainment

Director Ridley Scott has proven its ability to bring many different genres to the screen. However, one genre he tends to return to regularly is historical epics, whether historical fiction or stories more directly based on real people and events. He has already explored this genre several times in films such as Gladiator, 1492 : The conquest of paradise, Kingdom of Heaven And The last duel.

Napoleon clearly seems to be among the finest epics that Ridley Scott could have made. With its lavish production values ​​and complex character, it could well become a monstrous critical and commercial success. The director is also on the Gladiator 2 project.

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