Home Sports Naples begins to tremble at the prospect of Osimhen’s departure

Naples begins to tremble at the prospect of Osimhen’s departure

Naples begins to tremble at the prospect of Osimhen's departure

The transfer market in world football is always full of surprises and unexpected moves. On this occasion, the Middle East has attracted attention by turning its gaze to players in full sporting prime. One of the names that has come to the fore is Victor Osimhen, the talented 24-year-old striker who currently plays for Napoli and is considered one of the best in Europe at his position.

Al-Hilal, a prominent Arab League side, have their sights set on the Nigerian striker and appear ready to shell out an astronomical sum to sign him. According to “Soccernet.ng”, a Nigerian portal close to Osimhen, the club is offering him a surprising contract: 40 million euros net per season! An extremely tempting offer compared to the offer from Naples, which was around 7 million euros.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems. Despite the striker considering this promising proposal, Napoli president De Laurentiis seems unwilling to keep Osimhen in his ranks. Time is also of the essence as the transfer market is about to close, which would make it difficult to find a suitable replacement.

The big star of Al-Hilal

This unexpected turn in the transfer market has caught the attention of football fans and analysts alike. The Arab League has shown that it is no longer just looking for players whose careers are faltering, but is also willing to compete for players who are in their sporting prime.

If the transfer finally goes through, Osimhen would join a long list of stars who have decided to try their luck in the Middle East. It would be a unique opportunity for the Nigerian to prove himself on a new stage and continue to develop as a player.

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