Home Sports Nairo’s lawyer: “In the TAS they did not accept our arguments”

Nairo’s lawyer: “In the TAS they did not accept our arguments”

Nairo's lawyer: "In the TAS they did not accept our arguments"

Nairo Quintana’s appeal to the CAS has been dismissed. The Court of Arbitration for Sport has made a decision to ratify the sanction of the International Cycling Union to disqualify the Colombian cyclist from the Tour de France and impose an economic fine for the improper use of Tramadol, a substance that is not endorsed by the UCI despite not be a doping element.

Andrés Charria, lawyer for the Colombian cyclist and who led the legal process in the TAS; He spoke at 6 AM Hoy por Hoy on Caracol Radio and assured that they are not satisfied with the decision and were reiterative in that Nairo Quintana did not consume the drugthat from next season it will be considered doping even as it does not help to have a better sports performance.

The reading is that the arbitrators did not accept our arguments, that happens in any process. Sometimes you accept them and sometimes you don’t. For Nairo, the process was not doping, there is no sanction for a while, Nairo’s circumstances have not changed, it was not doping, he can run, he is still the athlete with the most active wins and we are ready to hit the pedal”, he said lawyer.

“We never said that we did not know, there were several issues that were legal. We said that Tramadol as such is a drug that does not improve performance, but worsens it, on the one hand and on the other Many arguments of a legal nature were used because it seems to us that the UCI is not the one called to regulate medicines and sanctions, For me that is doping, the UCI does not”, he added.

Among Nairo Quintana’s appeal arguments are the blood tests where the use of Tramadol is not evidenced. Thusthe former Team Arkéa Samsic cyclist, stated that the presence of the substance in his body could have been an involuntary ingestion.

“Taking blood and urine samples, analyzing them in a laboratory, looking for substances and sanctioning, for me that is doping. In fact, Nairo never consumed Tramadol, the blood tests say otherwise, so there could have been involuntary ingestion, but we never deny ignorance of the law. I don’t think that competing sanctions will come, Tramadol has already become part of doping, so there is a clean slate, “he said.

Concern for Nairo’s future

Finally, Charria assured, in a personal capacity, that having been sanctioned by the UCI could affect the signing of Nairo Quintana to a next team, after the termination of the contract with Arkéa Samsic, despite the renewal for three years. The future of the corridor is still open despite possible rumors in other squads.

“There was no doping, but there can be problems, the WorldTour and ProTour policies have to do with clean sport, Nairo is a great athlete who has not cheated, he did not use Tramadol but there are problems with that. Nairo who is a great runner and if I owned a team, I wouldn’t doubt it. It is painful that the Arkéa released him”, he concluded.

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