Nairo Quintana: “Any team can hire me without a problem”

Nairo Quintana has been in Europe for several weeks and at this moment he is training in Andorra. From there he was interviewed by ESPN where he said that he hopes to find a team in the highest category. He says he is calm after all the controversy generated by tramadol in the 2022 Tour de France. While he defines his professional future, he dedicates himself to sharing more time with his family and personal businesses. He reiterates that he has not violated the rules of the sport.

“I have not cheated, I have my head held high. We were at the nationals, I wanted to win, it’s the reality. I’m at a good level, we keep moving forward, with the hope of having a number for important races and the day it is achieved it will be a great victory, not only for Nairo but for Latin America and Colombia”, said Nairo Quintana.

The Colombian cyclist confirmed that it is difficult to find a team and that everything is still “similar” to last year when “things got a little slow”. However, “I continue with the conviction that it can be done and this conviction is confirmed by the numbers in training.”

Teams are not prohibited from signing Nairo: “I have been talking to different people, having different talks and at this moment any team can hire me without any problem. We have to believe that some are already complete and that makes everything very difficult”.

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Nairo does not want more legal problems: “The problems of the Tour arose, they got bigger, it got into difficulty and then one is filled with rage. But finally I have gone through cycles of cycles and I don’t want to fight, argue, or point out, because it has happened as it has happened. At this moment what I want is to show how beautiful, what Nairo has done in his sports career. Start litigating more, it’s not worth it. Now it’s time to focus on training hard, being at a good level and that we can be racing soon”.

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