Nairo Quintana announces that he continues in cycling

Nairo and his future:

“Hopefully he announces his retirement.” Those were the statements made to the Colombian media by the father of Nairo Quintana when he called a press conference in Bogotá to, as his manager told AS, clarify “everything that has been speculated and the real and current situation.” This morning, the boy from Boyacá appeared before the media and, to the disappointment of his parent, his words took a completely opposite path to that of goodbye…

With a delay of more than half an hour due to complications in your flight, Nairo began his speech before the present media, with an energetic and somewhat elevated tone, to announce precisely what nobody expected: that intends to continue competing in professional cycling.

“Today I want to tell you that I’m in pretty good shape to go on, but due to the events of the last few months, in which the rarefied environment in which I have operated is undeniable, I do not give up and keep going. I am used to the rain, the cold and the heat, and I have always gotten up to keep pedaling. I am an honest runner, I always have been in my more than 160 anti-doping controls. I have never had problems in my career. since i’m professional since 2009 I have complied with the rules, honoring and respecting fair play. It is true that I do not have a team yet, but I am a cyclist available to give my best on the road ”, expressed the Colombian before the general disbelief.

In this way, Nairo prolongs the impasse in which he finds himself. The teams attached to the MPCC (Movement for Credible Cycling), the UCI and organizers like ASO turned their backs on him, which together with his high economic claims for more modest teams that could undertake his signing keeps him in the dry dock with the season already started. The Colombian he tested positive for tramadol, a pain reliever banned by the International Cycling Union but not by the World Anti-Doping Agency at the time, and was disqualified from the Tour. He appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but it ratified the sanction.

His last viable option to find accommodation in the second division of teams was the Team Corratec. The Italian team reached an agreement with the Colombian, who in turn welcomed the signing as it was one of the squads with an invitation to the next Italy spin. However, Corratec’s entry into the MPCC and Nairo’s economic demands frustrated the operation.

“I need a better environment to be able to be calm. My interest is to continue raising the flag of my country in the great races of the world. It will serve as an inspiration to the younger generations. For now I want to continue and register more titles in the history of Colombian cycling”, argued the Boyacá native, in addition to confirming that he will soon travel to Europe with his manager with the intention of finding a new squad in which to continue his career: “I have also been through some health problems. I’m going to travel to Europe to talk to the different teams and solve this bump we’re going through and thus be able to continue participating in the best races in the world”. The soap opera continues.


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