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Nagelsmann: “Playing at this level we are one of the favorites in the Champions League”

Julian Nagelsmann appeared at a press conference without being able to hide the enormous satisfaction of being released on the bench of the Bayern in Europe with a soccer masterclass and a victory that is as deserved as it is overwhelming.

You can’t ask for more from your players, right?

We played very well, but we also had problems because Barça knew how to defend itself very well, leaving us few spaces to enter. That is why at the beginning we have had few occasions. Luckily we were able to score relatively early.

Have you breathed easy with the 0-3?

The goals and the control of the game has given us a lot of peace of mind. We have known how to counteract his attack game.

He looks happy …

We are very happy to leave Camp Nou. We have won a very important club, which has players of the highest quality.

Do you want to highlight someone in particular?

I am very satisfied with my players. I’m especially happy for Müller, because he opened the scoring. And also with Upamecano, who has played a perfect game as a central defender, like the rest of his teammates in defense.

Do you think you have beaten Koeman on the board?

My philosophy of play is based on scoring goals.

Does this game serve to reaffirm your candidacy for the Champions League?

We are one of the favorites to win the Champions League if we play as we know, at the level we have shown with Barça.

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