Home Sports Nagelsmann demands the renewal of Lewandowski

Nagelsmann demands the renewal of Lewandowski

Nagelsmann demands the renewal of Lewandowski

The Bayern Munich It is one of the most fearsome teams in Europe and it is not surprising, since the Bavarian team has great footballers with whom it has been astonishing the world of football for many years. However, some of those big names are close to finishing their respective contracts, and it is that players like Müller, Neuer or Robert Lewandowski They end their contractual relationship with Bayern in 2023, so in the summer market the clubs interested in them could have them for a lower price and allow them to leave.

This situation does not please the technical management of Bayern Munich, which under Nagelsmann’s orders urges the German team’s board to renew these players, especially Robert Lewandowski, one of Bayern’s most important players in the recent years, in which he has been decisive in the achievement of all the successes that the Munich team has achieved.

Nagelsmann: “I would like to extend Lewandowski’s contract”

The German coach has made his position clear that it is important to extend these contracts, but he has especially mentioned Lewandowski’s situation, since the renewal of the Polish striker is the worst looking. Nagelsmann has wanted to make it clear that he would like to continue counting on the Poland striker, but he has also dropped that it is not as easy as it seems, although he asks the club to make it possible.

“Before, it could be that the players signed more quickly, but the situation has changed and it is no longer as easy as it seems. These processes are usually long. But of course extending the contract of these players is important to us. Especially, I would like to extend Lewandowski’s contract and he knows that, as I know how the industry works and rumors of his departure will start soon.”

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