Nadal’s ambitious goal forces him to win in Cincinnati

The tournament could be decisive for what the Manacorí has ​​raised

Rafael Nadal move forward in his goal of being the number 1 of the world and Cincinnati it has become part of fulfilling what the Spaniard has in mind for the immediate future. What has happened lately was not foreseen, but now, everything would be on track for the king of clay to return to the top.

Let’s remember that 2022 has been perfect for the man from Manacori despite the issue that has always plagued him with injuries. won in the Australian Open a Daniel Medvedev and in the Roland Garros a Casper Ruud. Without a doubt, two incredible victories, which have left him with a key score, as well as the title in acapulco in view of cameron norrie.

Nadal us Open
If the man from Manaco triumphs in Cincinnati, he could be number 1 in the ranking

Rafa Nadal could be number 1 in the world and Cincinnati would be key to it

Now the tournament in Cincinnati is important for Rafa Nadal as it would be a place to look to be the number 1 in the world in the ATP rankings. And it is that the North American open is one of the priorities for the Russian Medvedev, who has considered winning this tournament to defend his place.

In addition to this, he also wanted to be the champion in Montreal, but could not achieve it against the controversial Kyrgios. In this way it is that he will no longer be able to get the 4000 points that had been agreed and therefore, he has been exposed. In that order of ideas, Manacorí has ​​the first option to reach the top.

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A title in Cincinnati would be decisive for the future of the Balearic Islands

If he wins in Cincinnati, Rafa Nadal could reach the US Open as the number 1 in the world in the ATP ranking. The accounts are clear, but everything will depend on the effort made by the multiple Grand Slam tournament champion and the fate of the Russian, although the latter has resigned his options.

We will have to wait for what may happen with the future of this 2022 that has left many surprises in white sport. For the time being, the Spaniard will perform thoroughly and is very happy about the possibility of being the best in the entire ranking again.

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