Toni Nadal went through the microphones of Onda Cero Mallorca to talk again about the case of Novak Djokovic and his deportation from Australia. ‘Uncle Toni’ regretted that this situation had come about and criticized the Serb’s attitude. “I am surprised that we have reached this point. Djokovic had the chance to do things differently. It was clear that to play he had to be vaccinated. Everything comes because the organizers and the government want to have Djokovic. I don’t think there is any interest in going against someone, for the tournament and the public it would have been better if he was there, but if everyone had done what Djokovic did, there would still be no Australian Open”.

The coach also spoke about the possibility that the Serb will not be able to play Roland Garros after the approval of the vaccination certificate in France when Djokovic has not yet received even the first dose of the vaccine. “Everyone can have their convictions, but there comes a time when they must rethink them. They will have to do something if they want to play Roland Garros. They will have no choice but to rethink their principles. because the reality is that if they tell you that you cannot defend the title at Roland Garros… I don’t know. Let’s hope the pandemic passes quickly and everything can return to normal.”

Finally Toni Nadal analyzed how he sees his nephew Rafa ahead of the Australian Open. “He lacks a series of games to have serious options to fight for the title but, as time goes by, he will play better. You will see him more calmly, but he has the same will to win games. He wants to break the Grand Slam record, but that’s not going to change his life.”


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