Nadal puts on the brakes

Rafael Nadal He has decided to put the brakes on. Your absence in the next US Open was predictable, especially after his resignations from the Masters 1,000 of Canada and Cincinnati, and having played only two games in Washington, both limping, after the break that was imposed at the end of Roland Garros and that he left two sweets like Wimbledon and the Olympic Games. His absence extended to the rest of season 2021 it is something more surprising, unexpected, although it falls within the logic if what you are looking for is a longer-term solution, instead of patching. Nadal is 35 years old and has been playing at the highest level since 2003. His endless injuries They started in those early days, in fact this battered foot comes from then. If we add up all his periods of inactivity, Rafa adds the chilling figure of almost four years off. It is a lot, a lot, for a body required to extreme performance. Nadal is used to competing with pain, to live with injuries, to an eternal return from hell to heaven. But it costs more and more.

Nadal has won 20 Grand Slam titles, with some stratospheric records like that 13 Roland Garros; have 36 wins at Masters 1,000, a record that he shares with Novak Djokovic; It has been 209 weeks number one in the world; has conquered two olympic golds and he has been the standard bearer of Spain, he has been crowned five times in the Davis Cup … Rafa has won practically everything, he does not need to prove or prove anything. If you want to go back to the top it is simply because the enjoyment of their sport and competition. That is why it is logical that you want to do it well, it is no longer worth dragging your pain through the circuit. It is a case similar to Roger Federer, with the difference that the Swiss has entered his 40s. Both intend to give themselves another chance, but they need time to do so. Here we await you with open arms.

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