Home World Nabilla kisses her son on the mouth and surprises Internet users

Nabilla kisses her son on the mouth and surprises Internet users

Nabilla kisses her son on the mouth and surprises Internet users

Nabilla has posted this Monday, August 9, a topic that arouses the anger of many Internet users. In the photo, the former reality TV star exchanges a kiss on the mouth with her soon-to-be-two-year-old baby.

If this moment of complicity made the happiness of certain subscribers who found them “adorable” – more than 300,000 mentions “I like” at the time of writing this article – the fact of seeing the young woman kissing her son on the lips also upset much.

The outraged comments have continued to flow on the influencer’s Instagram account: “You are not ashamed”, “Chelou”, “Kisses on the mouth are not healthy”, “Stop kissing children on the mouth. 12, 13, 14 years old, will you still kiss him on the mouth and post it on social media? “,” It’s very bad for them and for their sexuality afterwards! If you hurt them, it’s disgusting, it makes me want to vomit ” …

Beyond the psychological issues posed by kissing your child on the mouth, a behavior that, although not loaded with a sexual dimension, would be prohibited according to many experts, starting with Françoise Dolto, some Internet users have also highlighted the risks for ” health “associates. with this practice.

Thus, an Internet user took the example of “feet, hands and mouth”, a viral disease that mainly affects children but can also affect adults, which Nabilla recently contracted in contact with her son. “This is how easily your son gets sick,” he allowed himself to write. A few days ago, Thomas Vergara’s wife had indeed posted a message in which she complained of being ill. “I have a fever. I have muscle aches. And I have little patches on my nose and pimples on my body. I am a little upset that I caught this. I also have a sore throat. The symptoms are quite mild. Everything is at the same time. A lot of people He told me that he had the disease. I know it does not matter. He is going to leave, “he confided.

Now healed, Nabilla enjoys her vacation in Turkey even more and the special moments she spends with her little one. In the caption of the controversial kiss photo, the happy mother who never misses the opportunity to bear witness to her love for Milann has also tenderly written: “Nothing more beautiful. Life gave me a son, he is the most beautiful thing in the world ”.

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