The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, but currently there are already more than 100,000. As they have grown, so have the myths about them, so we are going to deny some of the things that have been said about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies so that you can assess if you are interested in introducing them in your eCommerce.

We cannot forget that although there is much speculation about cryptocurrencies, there is one thing that is certain: the possibility that through cryptocurrencies you can introduce advantages to an eCommerce so that profits increase.

The platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies are not safe

With the boom of cryptocurrencies there are a large number of platforms that claim that they help you earn a lot of money through cryptocurrencies, therefore, it is important to look for platforms that are reliable. One of the platforms that can help you get into Bitcoin investments is Bitcoin Profit; This platform helps everyone to access the cryptocurrency market by using an advanced algorithm to provide traders with comprehensive market analysis and information, making it easier for them to make smart and informed business decisions.

Cryptocurrencies are worthless

One of the first things people say about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is that they are worthless. It is true that they do not have a value backed by a precious coin or metal, but these virtual currencies have already reached a certain value in the market due to the great use that is given to them.

For example, Facebook is valued according to the data, networks, money that the company owns, etc. This is not backed by coins or precious metals.

Cryptocurrencies are illegal and used to launder money

Cryptocurrencies are not legal in all countries, but this does not mean that they are illegal. In addition, the platforms that are used to store cryptocurrencies are regulated and have rules to prevent this crime.

Through the blockchain, each transaction made through cryptocurrencies is tracked. This makes cryptocurrencies not 100% anonymous; another of the myths that exist.

Cryptocurrencies can be easily counterfeited

Cryptocurrencies are developed with the help of blockchain technology, this means that they cannot be duplicated or falsified.

Cryptocurrencies are a fad and won’t last long

When Bitcoin began to gain fame, people believed that it would be something temporary and that it would eventually disappear, but no, digital currencies are here to stay. You just have to see how several Central Banks are working to have their own digital currencies.

Bitcoin has no real world uses

Fake. More and more companies are introducing payments with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In Spain, there are companies such as Destinia, Morfeo (mattress eCommerce) or Kilauea Wood.


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