Mystery in Germany: stab attack on a train

Several people were injured this Saturday in a stab attack in a high-speed train in the German region of Bavaria, local police reported, explaining that the attacker was arrested.

“According to the first information, several people were injured,” said the police in a statement in which they assured that “there is no longer any danger.”

At least they are three the injured, two of them seriously, according to the newspaper Bild, although the authorities have not yet provided details. “The lives of none of these people are in danger,” reported a police spokesman quoted by the news agency. AFP.

The police said that the motives behind the attack are unknown and did not provide details about the identity of the aggressor, although the newspaper Bild revealed that it would be a 27-year-old man who had shown signs of mental disorders.

After the fact, the train stopped at the Seubersdorf station, in the south of the country and an important police device went to the place.

The authorities avoid, for now, talking about a terrorist attack.

However, the security forces consider the situation controlled while the German railway operator, Deutsche Bahn, began to divert the trains that traveled this route, bound for “a more appropriate place”, reports the news agency Europa Press.

“This knife attack is horrible,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said.
“I would like to thank everyone, especially the police and train staff, for their courageous performance, which has prevented something worse,” he added on Twitter. “The motive for the crime is not yet clear and will be determined now,” he promised.

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Germany has been facing attacks that have two origins for several years: jihadism and the extreme right.

The German authorities are especially vigilant about the Islamist threat, especially since a truck attack claimed by the Islamic State group killed 12 people in Berlin in December 2016. This jihadist attack was the deadliest on German soil.

Since 2000, German authorities have thwarted 23 such attempts, the interior minister said, marking the 20th anniversary of the US attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

“Germany and Western Europe remain in the crosshairs of radical Islamists,” he warned at the time.

Since 2013, the number of Islamists considered dangerous in Germany has increased fivefold to 615, according to the Interior Ministry.

Germany remains a target, especially because of its participation in the coalition formed to fight IS in Iraq and Syria and because of its presence in Afghanistan until August.


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