Mysterious ‘crypt antennas’ appear in nature

Mysterious antennas have recently appeared in the mountains of the US state of Utah. It is unclear who they belong to or what they are for. They are reportedly affiliated with a crypto mining company.

Authorities are currently investigating the antennas around Salt Lake City. However, at the time of writing, there is still not enough information about the individual or group responsible for installing the devices.

More and more antennas

According to Tyler Fonarow, who is responsible for the area as a wildlife manager, the first antenna was installed about a year ago. After that, more and more were added in recent months. More and more often, city employees have to go into the rough snow area to remove the antennas.

The antennas always consist of a box with batteries, a router and a solar panel. The first studies show that the antennas can sometimes send data to a larger area. Authorities hope that the owner of the devices will step forward to provide an explanation.

“These towers are placed on different peaks and mountain tops. It started with one or two antennas and now there are probably about 12. We don’t just leave anything behind on public territory these days. You have to ask for permission.”

Link to crypto

Based on the composition of the antennas, there are rumors that they could be used for a blockchain network. More specifically, the idea is that the antennas may be a hotspot that connects to the Helium (HNT) network. Helium is a wireless blockchain-based system with a business model where hotspots act as miners.

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Customers only need to install a hotspot and can then earn money from it. It is true that a hotspot generates more money when it is used more often. By installing an antenna in the rugged nature of Utah, it is questionable to what extent that will bring money within the Helium network. At the time of writing, there is still no confirmation on the origin of the antennas and why they were placed.

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