Myriam Hernández awakens the romantic side of hundreds of Dominicans at the National Theater

A true synergy of talent (living up to the name of the tour) was what was verified during the Myriam Hernández concert in a special connection with the romantic Dominican public. The lights, the music and the voice of the artist took over the stage, making the Eduardo Brito National Theater “vibrate”.

It was just at 8:39 on Friday that the dazzling evening began, which featured a work without waste from a whole team of musicians and musical accompanists.

Myriam surprised all the spectators with a peculiar presentation, accompanied by various rhythms, tropical music and her traditional ballads.

The first in his compilation of songs began with "Who will take care of me?", which caught the concentration of those present, which allowed the artist to display her voice in style.

A few minutes later, the chorus of the song “The man that I love” moved the hundreds of spectators who replied in unison: “He is my crazy lover, wise, intelligent.”

The clock struck 8:50 and at that moment the melody of “I have not stolen anything” did not wait.

The songs “I’ve returned for you”, “Definitely” and “Ay amor” appeared as part of the repertoire of a night that fulfilled everything promised.

At 9:03 a.m. at night, Hernández spoke about the importance of wanting, giving an introduction to “The Force of Love,” where the audience did not hesitate to shout words of affection to the artist.

“Tomorrow”, “It left me” and “Tonto”, were intoned by the artist as a hymn.

The artist also honored the memory of the singer-songwriter and composer Armando Manzanillo, performing a song of his own: It smells like danger.

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At 10:00, before the curtain fell, the night closed with a tropical rhythm whose chorus was: “Today, for the last time.”


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