My son should be hanged in public: Mother’s demand

Cairo: A mother in Egypt has demanded the public execution of her own son.

According to Egyptian media, an Egyptian woman has shocked the whole society by demanding the public execution of her son on social media for a crime against humanity.

All the newspapers and magazines in the country, including the Egyptian magazine Al-Ahram, have published details of the incident. The woman’s son had cut off his sister’s head.

According to news reports, the accused is addicted to drugs. On the day of the incident, he went to his sister’s house and demanded money as a loan. The sister knew that he was asking for money for drugs. He refused to pay.

In a fit of rage, the accused attacked his sister and started torturing her. After beating her, he brought a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her in the neck and abdomen, according to reports. She fell into the bloodstream and lost her life.

Eyewitnesses say that this young man was known to all the people of the neighborhood as a drug addict. He always asked his sister for money for drugs. As soon as the mother came to know about the incident, she demanded on social media that her son be hanged in public.

It should be noted that Cairo security forces have arrested the accused and now legal action is being taken against him.


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