“My father abused me: I was a perfect puppet”

At 25, the Hungarian swimmer Liliana Szilágyi, a 2016 European medalist in Glasgow and an Olympian, has decided to free herself. His testimony is shocking and has shaken Hungary, a country with an excellent water tradition that had an idealized image of the Szilágyi family. Her father, Zoltan, was a three-time Olympian and was his daughter’s coach until 2016.

But everything was unreal according to the swimmer’s complaint. Behind that wall, there was a history of abuse “from childhood”, as highlighted by the eldest daughter, who at the age of 12 decided that one day she should tell her story with all that it entailed. He has taken care of the process. He has consulted with psychologists and communicators to confess everything he suffered. “I’m sure I’ll get hurt from this. Some will believe me and some will not“, He says.

Szilágyi begins her writing, published on her social networks, like this: “They have hurt me. After 25 years I am ready to express the harshest words.” And it details: “I was abused by my father. Sentimental, sexual. Since childhood. I enjoyed his power over me, be it attention, intimidation, love or sexual. For many years I would have done anything to make my father love me, but I was living in a perfect illusion. “

The Hungarian swimmer, who in 2016 decided to move away from her father, tells of the fear that she and her mother felt in previous years: “I thought this was all normal. When he hit mom because she did something she didn’t like or when there were punishments for a disappointment or a bad result. I could never have my word. It was a perfect puppet“.

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She has been a swimmer since she was very young, a sport with tradition in the family, outside the door, life and the image of the Szilágyi were exemplary. Nothing is further from reality: “The world saw a family that loved each other and full of international successes. We protected it with all our might because otherwise there could be unspeakable consequences. Little by little he took away our personality, consciousness and emotion“.

It was in 2016 when the swimmer broke up with her father. At that time he says that he was prejudiced. “They said she was a strange girl.” “My father will have his version. The lawyer with perfect manners who trains children. Maybe no one will believe what their true self is within four walls“. The step that Szilágyi has taken wants to serve as an example and warning to all those who suffer similar situations. That is why he has matured and has prepared his story. Word for word.

I don’t care what comes next. I am no longer a slave, the feeling of freedom is enormous. Violence does not discriminate, you are not alone, we can change this“, he proclaims. And ends with the family conflict that this generates, since his sister lives with her father:”Unfortunately my little sister stayed with him. There is a different reality in his head, and maybe the enemy is me. I have tried to do this in a healthy environment. I hope to help you. I would tell my mother not to judge me, because she must still be with the traumas she has suffered all these years. “

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