Mutiny in the Cádiz CF dressing room before Cervera’s possible dismissal

The bad league start of the yellow team had caused many to ask for the coach’s dismissal

Alvaro Cervera He has not had his best moment in front of the Cadiz CF. With just two wins in twelve games, many were calling for a change of course on the bench. But the board decided to continue trusting the coach promotion and a magnificent season in the Santander League.

But Álvaro Cervera not only has the support of the board. Also with the support of heavyweights in the yellow locker room who strongly oppose his departure. Some players who have assured that they will leave the club if Cervera finally ceases to be coach of Cádiz CF.

Cádiz Cervera
Juan Cala shows his full support for Cervera

The dismissal of Cervera would put Cádiz CF in a problem

One of the last players in the squad to speak has been Juan Cala. Despite not wearing the captain’s armband, he is one of the leaders of the dressing room. And as leader he has spoken to express his clear support for Álvaro Cervera, with whom he is to death despite the initial bad run of results.

In fact, Juan Cala has assured that he will be at Cádiz CF for the same time as Cervera. Something that makes it clear that, if the coach is dismissed, he will also leave the team. But he’s not the only heavyweight in the yellow locker room who has this opinion of the coach.

The heavyweights clothe Cervera

Other very important players such as Fali or José Mari, also share this opinion regarding Cervera. And it is that the architect of the great Cádiz CF of recent years deserves much more confidence. A confidence that for the moment has been successful with the team’s good run of results.

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Of course, like many heavyweights clothe the coach, others are on the opposite line. This is the case of footballers like Álex Fernández or Perea, who are convinced that with the quality of many footballers they are able to play another much more colorful football.

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