Musk would not have Twitter for a long time and other technological clicks

These are the top tech news of the week in America.

1. In three years Musk would “fly” from Twitter

It seems that Elon Musk’s adventurous spirit would lead him to make his efforts to obtain Twitter a matter of only a few years.

This is stated by The Wall Street Journal, which reported that, after having bought the company for 44,000 million dollars, it plans to put it up for sale again in just three years.

The magnate is in contact with private investment funds to help him pay the 21,000 million that he promised to contribute as his own resources to acquire Twitter.

According to the American newspaper, Musk’s strategy to sell Twitter in three years would be to convince investors that he can quickly increase its profitability and thus make it more attractive.

We will have to see how this move turns out for the new King Midas of the digital neighborhood.

2. The "quantum war"a scenario for which the US is also preparing.

In today’s world you have to be more than prepared for any digital contingency.

This is how the United States understands it and that is why its president, Joe Biden, signed a memorandum that seeks to protect the country’s computer systems from possible quantum cyberattacks.

The document emphasizes the risks that the use of quantum computers in attacks to intercept secure communications, whose cryptography could easily be circumvented, would pose to the country. "in the near future".

To prevent this from happening, the White House is asking government agencies to update their computer systems in accordance with a set of standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Although the use of quantum computers for war purposes remains to be seen in the future, we must prepare today for the security challenges of tomorrow.

3. Google uses its “weapons” in the Ukraine war

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, technology companies have also played an important role in combating disinformation strategies.

As part of its role in this purpose, Google announced that it has blocked eight million ads related to the war in Ukraine to "avoid profit or exploitation of the situation".

In a post, the tech giant claimed that all ads in Russia have been paused and advertising from Russian companies has also been prevented from being seen abroad.

Google’s actions have also led to the removal of advertising from more than 60 official Russian media outlets and their receiving no funding through their platforms.

4. The cyberattack continues to “take its toll” on Costa Rica

A Latin American country that seems to have been caught off guard by technological sabotage was Costa Rica, which since April 18 has been suffering the consequences of a cyberattack on the national customs system.

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This event has cameras from various industries “with their hair standing on end”, who called on the Government to take urgent measures and provide solutions to speed up imports and exports, after two weeks of the attack by a group called Conti.

The TICA customs system, which is the one that governs customs for exports and imports, is one of those that are disabled after the cybercriminal maneuver.

For the next few weeks, 10,000 containers are expected to arrive in the Central American country, so it is urgent to speed up the nationalization of merchandise with expedited unloading processes.

Hopefully what is happening to Costa Rica will serve as a lesson on how to be careful when faced with the audacity of cyberthieves.

5. The fintech movement also dances tango

Today’s digital world is not only made up of large mega-companies, but also of platforms that make our lives better.

One of these is Empretienda, which allows entrepreneurs to create their own virtual store quickly, easily and at low cost, and which was bought by the Argentine fintech Ualá.

The integration is carried out through the Ualá Bis collection solution, which adds a new tool to its ecosystem of solutions for entrepreneurs.

After the operation, Ualá clients will have access to a platform that until now has been adding more than 6,000 online stores in Argentina monthly.

Good for Latin American digital businesses that move to boost the economy.

6. A “Pearl” that no longer shines on Netflix

Lately it is not that many projects have come out to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and one of them was the animation initiative “Pearl”, announced last year and that it was going to be produced by Netflix.

But the platform just reported that "Pearl, which was to be co-produced by Archewell Productions, the company of Markle and her husband, Prince Henry of England, goes on hiatus as a measure to cut costs due to the loss of subscribers.

According to the Deadline medium, "Pearl" is one of the first victims of Netflix’s new belt-tightening policy.

The animated series was going to focus on the heroic adventures of a twelve-year-old girl who was inspired by influential women in history.

The former member of the British royal house also has problems with her Archewell Audio podcast on Spotify, of which only three episodes have been mounted.

7. Surprissssse for Xbox Game Pass!!!

We like good surprises. Who does not? Well, Xbox Game Pass has one of the best for us.

According to, the real-time combat universe in fantastic scenarios of “Loot River”, by Straka Studio, suddenly descended on the platform for the enjoyment of all its fans.

The arrival of “Loot River” thus anticipates the package of titles expected for May.

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