Elon Musk, in a meeting with Twitter employees, hinted possibility of cutting jobs if its $44 billion takeover bid is successful.

Musk addressed his employees for the first time since launching his bid for the company in April, and he also touched on other topics such as remote work, freedom of expression and possible extraterrestrial life.


He said he could back out of the deal if they don’t give him details about the fake accounts.

In a video call with Twitter employees on Thursday, Musk said he Twitter layoffs would depend on the company’s financial situation. “The company needs to clean up. At the moment, costs exceed revenues»said.

However, he added: “Whoever is a significant contributor should have nothing to worry about.”


He also declared his preference for working in the office, unless “someone is exceptional”.

Musk also talked about the possibility of life outside Earthalthough he said he didn’t see “actual evidence of aliens”.

“Can we travel to other star systems and see if there are alien civilizations?”he asked, adding that the platform could help the «civilization and conscience».


Earlier this month, Musk threatened to withdraw from the takeover bid and accused Twitter of “thwarting” his requests to learn more about his user base. Musk said he may back out of the deal if he doesn’t receive details about the fake accounts.