Musk, on Twitter: “I’m going to buy Manchester United”… “Just kidding”

The CEO of Tesla and the richest man in the world according to Forbes, Elon Musk, published a brief message on Twitter on Tuesday in which he said: "Also, I’m going to buy Manchester United. No problem"but later clarified that it was a joke.

Known for his financial outbursts and bluffs, Musk shook social media with his first tweet, but hours later he posted another message in which, in response to one of his followers asking for clarification, he said: "No, this is an old Twitter joke.. I will not buy any sports equipment".

"But if I were to buy some equipment, that would be Manchester United. It was my favorite team when I was a kid"he added.

Given its unpredictability and its economic prowess, the mere publication of Musk’s first message had generated a multitude of reactions on social networks.

Seemingly justifying his online behavior, the South African-born tycoon later wrote: "Stand up comedy is my second job".

Musk he is the richest man in the world, According to Forbes, although most of his fortune is in Tesla shares, his position constantly fluctuates based on the market value of the shares of the luxury electric vehicle company.

On August 6, Musk assured that the deal to take over Twitter for 44,000 million dollarswhich broke in early July, could be closed if the company provides details on how it estimates the number of fake accounts or "spam".

The businessman, meanwhile, stressed that if, on the contrary, it is shown that the information offered by Twitter to the regulators is false, the operation could not be closed as agreed.

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Musk notified in early July its intention to cancel the purchase of the technologyagreed between both parties for 44,000 million, to which the latter responded with a lawsuit in a court specialized in commercial disputes to force it to complete the operation.

The argument of the head of Tesla is that the social network did not provide him with the figures on false accounts that he requiredwhile Twitter assures that this is just a pretext to avoid completing the operation, which is becoming less and less attractive due to the drop in the company’s price and the loss of Musk’s assets as a result of the fall in the stock markets.

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