Musk changes Twitter’s iconic bird logo to an X to make it “more than just a social network”

Elon Musk made one of its most controversial decisions since buying Twitter and suppressed the blue bird logo on the other in black and white of an “X”. The tycoon now intends to transform into a platform that goes beyond a social network and that in the future does away with the iconic name of the popular network.

The CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarinopointed out in several tweets on the social network that “X is the future state of unlimited interactivity“, and explained that in the near future it will include audio, video, instant messaging, payments and the buying and selling of “goods, services and opportunities” that will be “powered by artificial intelligence”.

“For years, fans and critics have lobbied Twitter to dream bigger, innovate faster and reach our great potential. X will do that and more,” added Yaccarino.

Network changes in eight months

when done with a globally recognizable logo -something few brands achieve-, this is the most visual and recognizable change that Musk has made since he paid 44,000 million dollars for the social network last November, but it is not the only major change.

In these eight months, Tesla’s CEO also fired approximately three-quarters of the Twitter team; took the company public; removed the official account verification system from the previous administration and replaced it with an $8 checkout.

But the changes were not only formal, but were transferred to the content, with political implicationsas Musk returned to the network to host profiles that had been banned for their hateful messages or misinformation, among other measures.

So many changes scared the companies that advertise on the network -which is the platform’s main revenue-, which cost the company a drop in your income for advertising.

These changes can also cost you disaffected users: prestige Pew Research Center reported last May that a quarter of Twitter users said they believed they would no longer use the platform within a year.

Amid this mistrust, Meta (parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which also changed its name last year) launched this month Topicsa social network very similar to Twitter.

Are tweets dead?

After the change in the network’s design, one of the most read questions on the platform was: “what are the tweets called now?” To which Musk replied “x’s”.

Users wondered what the tweets would be called now. To which Musk replied “x’s”

In April, Twitter ceased to be an independent company after merging with the new company. X Corp.

Musk has one close and long relationship with the letter X: was the original name of the Paypal payment platform he founded; is in your company name SpaceX; on behalf of one of Tesla’s models; on behalf of your artificial intelligence company, xAIand it is still part of the name of one of his children, X Æ A-12.

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