Musician Kanye West will release his next album just for Stem Player

Years ago, musicians who wanted to release an album had to sign with a record company to help them record, market and distribute their music.

Today, thanks to technology, musicians can record, publish and market their own music.

Not only does this give them more control over their music, it also helps them make more money as most of the money they earn goes to them rather than their record companies.

So much so that it’s no surprise to see musicians invent new and interesting ways to distribute their work, like musician Kanye West, who announced that their upcoming album, Donda 2, will be exclusive to the $200 Stem Player.

rod reader It is a music playing device. It’s more than just a music player because the built-in controls allow users to manipulate parts of the music as it plays, giving users the ability to remix songs on the fly without the need for additional software.

also comes with support for USB-C and Bluetooth and a headsetbut there are also built-in speakers in case you want to listen directly to it.

Although it is an interesting device, It seems hard for fans to lose $200 just for a record.

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