Musa liquidates a Valencia Basket that borders on the feat

El Breogán desecrated La Fonteta with an exceptional match that ended up winning by 28 points (50-78) in the last quarter. A reaction to the desperate Valencia, came to do a partial of 20-0, put La Fonteta on his feet, dreaming of a comeback that would have been historic. But Kalinoski, with two triples, when the ball burned the most in the Galician team, it cooled the atmosphere and seized the victory. However, Valencia continued to the end. And miraculously for the Breogán it was one point of entering history.

Scoring 47 points in the fourth quarter and losing the game says a lot about how bad you did in the first three. The executor was Musa, who finished with 45 valuation credits (33 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 6 fouls received). Pulverized his all-time record. But he couldn’t have done it alone. Bell-Haynes, with 18 points and 6 assists, and Kalinoski, with five triples, two of them crucial, completed a magical triple that they beat Valencia in almost the entire game.

Musa began her exhibition in the first room. With 14 points and a PIR of 17, the forward found a vein in a very tight Valencia after returning from the hiatus due to an outbreak of COVID in their ranks. Only Prepelic tried to maintain the type although he alternated successes with errors. Peñarroya, from home, could not believe what he was watching on television. 50 points received, 12-20 in rebounds, 11 losses … The best, in this sense, was almost the result at halftime (36-50). Pradilla held the score but when it was not Musa it was Kalinoski who struck from the line of three. Sakho, after an offensive rebound, put the maximum, on the edge of the break. And with that marker the horn sounded.

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A triple by Dubljevic and a couple of aggressive defenses heralded a comeback at La Fonteta but nothing could be further from the truth. Lukovic and Musa followed their own and a 0-10 partial, with Kalinoski taking over from Musa, killed the game. Another triple from Musa, before the end of the third act, left a very blushing 50-75 round for the taronjas.

A 2 + 1 entry from Haynes put a +28 for Breogán (min. 31), a disadvantage that would have made anyone throw in the towel. Not to this Valencia, who never gives up and was about to do the impossible. He was missing a point. Based on an intense defense and nine triples in the last act they finished only one down although they never had a shot to get up. The shortlist Prepelic (15 points), Hermansson (15) and López Arostegui (13) was very close to turning a massive handicap in just nine minutes. But the victory, after all, was scored by Breogán.

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