Murders in Marseille: what we know about the investigation

In Marseille, the tragedies multiply. During the night of Saturday to Sunday 22nd, three men were killed in the middle of the street. It could be two settling of scores against a background of drug trafficking.

The details are terrifying. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, in the middle of the street, a 27-year-old man is beaten, dragged on the ground before being locked in the trunk of a car. His charred body was found in the vehicle a few kilometers away.

Already sentenced 12 times for different offenses, the individual is not the only victim of this murderous weekend in Marseille. The same night, two men were shot dead with several 9mm caliber bullets and assault rifles. The two people were targeted by two shooters who arrived in two cars.

Known to the police, the two victims had never been convicted, but were soon due to appear on two different cases. For the moment no link has been established between the two events.

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