Muniain already has his head in Ibiza and the cigars

The Athletic captain offers an unambitious speech and the networks explode

Social networks have been primed with the captain of the Athletic. A Iker Muniain that gives the feeling of already thinking about Ibiza, the beach, the sun, banquets with friends… vacations definitely. This is how the hobby has been taken Athletic the statements of his captain at a press conference.

Muniain He has reviewed the current situation, he has talked about the team’s options in the final stretch of the season, Marcelino’s future on the bench, even his scuffle with Nabil Fekir. She has said many things but what he has penetrated is the message from Europe. “Not playing Europe would not be a failure.”

Athletic Muniain
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“Not playing Europe would not be a failure”

Iker Muniain suggests that the 9 Santander League games pending before the holidays in Ibiza are of little concern. On the contrary, he gives the impression of living in conformity, in the tranquility of knowing he is a millionaire and hiding behind the philosophy of Athletic to excuse what would be a fifth season in a row without Europe.

“The reality is that it would be a fifth year in a row without playing in Europe, but I wouldn’t consider it a failure, it would not meet a goal that we had set at the beginning of the season. We have to see the number of teams involved in the fight for Europe, which are of a very high level. We still don’t have to take anything for granted, it’s difficult, but the team can do it”, he affirms.

Muniain thinks of Ibiza

The reality is that Athletic has very heavy rivals ahead of them. It is 4 points from the seventh place that gives access to the Conference League and 7 from the sixth, which would be the Europa League. Villarreal, Real Sociedad and Betis are the most normal rivals, understanding that Atlético, FC Barcelona and Sevilla are already unattainable.

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But what feels worst is not that it can be achieved or not. It is that the Athletic captain comes out saying that it is not something that will keep them up at night. With 36 points ahead and no other distractions, taking 4 points from Villarreal should not be impossible for this Athletic. But Muniain already has his mind on Ibiza and his cigars.

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