Munawar’s shocking tweet about Justin Bieber’s paralysis, people gave such reactions

Munawar's shocking tweet about Justin Bieber's paralysis, people gave such reactions

The famous pop singer Justin Bieber said some time ago that his face has been attacked by the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome virus, due to which his face has become paralyzed. Justin said that due to this virus, the straight part of his face is not working properly. Neither the simple eye blinks from him nor is he able to laugh on that side. After this revelation from Justin, the hearts of his fans were broken and fans began to express their pain in different ways.

Meanwhile, comedian and ‘Lock Up’ winner Munawwar Farooqui has also given his reaction on the matter. Although Munavvar has written something in his tweet, so he is being discussed, some people say that Munavvar’s tweet is funny. So some are even trolling him. Actually, Munawwar wrote in his tweet, “Dear Justin Bieber, I can fully understand, here too the right side of India is not working properly.”


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