The former president of Uruguay José Mujica affirmed this Friday that Latin America is the "most unjust continent above the earth" referring to the situation of poverty in the region.

The former president of the South American country between 2010 and 2015 for the left-wing Broad Front coalition made these statements at the closing of the general assembly of the Emmaus movement, which this week brought together more than 400 activists from Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

"We have a deep social debt that we have to be aware of and not hide"expressed Mujica, and summoned "the whole force of society" to reverse this phenomenon.

"There is no possible freedom for those who do not have the basics solved"sentenced the former president.

"Freedom means having solved, minimally, certain basic questions. He who does not have to eat, does not have freedom, nor does he have anything"continued the "social fighter" as he defined himself.

Invited by Emaús, Mujica highlighted the slogans that form the backbone of the movement’s work, such as "serve first those who suffer the most" Y "fight against poverty trying to transform the causes that produce it".

Founded in 1971 in France by Abbé Pierre, the movement, with Catholic roots due to its promoter, is today a global tide with people of different ethnic groups and nationalities.

Acting against the causes of poverty and being an engine of transformation are two objectives of this global initiative, which held its general assembly for the first time in Latin America.

The most popular visible face of Emmaus’ work is the second-hand shops where clothing, furniture and electrical appliances are sold for charity.

One of the hallmarks of Emmaus’ work is that people who are going through situations of violation of their rights and others with more favorable life paths share the work side by side.


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