Much loot for so little football

Much loot for so little football

On a dreadful day at almost all levels, Barça needed very little to score three points against a Getafe team that deserved more. The blaugrana team won 1-0 in a infamous match that held thanks to the stops of Ter Stegen and the claw of Gavi. The win is worth its weight in gold, but the game was insufferable. It is difficult with so little to obtain so much loot. That is the merit of designated teams.

The latest victories have given Barcelona a self-confidence that grows exponentially every day. It seems that game by game, the team increases its security, although it continues to play more or less the same as before. The culé team has tied games that they have played much better than against Getafe. But now he’s on a roll, he plays terribly and wins.

In order to acquire this confidence there are three fundamental factors: the Super Cup, Lewandowski and Ter Stegen. The victory against Real Madrid in Arabia, which served as a prologue to the game with the exhibition of the Cup and the relevant corridor, shows the confidence of the team. On the other hand, Lewandowski’s effectiveness was not included in the match formula. The Pole, sanctioned, watched the match from the stands with his daughter. His absence caused Ter Stegen, the third fundamental element of this Xavi potion, to multiply.

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German is in such a sweet moment, that for those who are worth it and those who are not. Given the fashion of the VAR that allows the band assistants to be as useful as the corner flag since they do not make any decision until the one in the video notifies them, Ter Stegen saved with a save a play that already had to be annulled from the start because the Getafe attacker started clearly offside. Before, in a play traced, the same assistant allowed the action to continue, that Ter Stegen made another save and that Borja Mayoral reached his rebound to score the goal that could make it 0-1 after seven minutes of the game.

But once again, the play had started with a meter offside, which the assistant, following the guidelines of the Committee, he did not plan to signal until the next day began. .. or her mother will notify her with a telegram.

Ter Stegen’s third save could not be canceled for offside. At that time, Barcelona was already winning 1-0 after the goal from Pedri after a good pass from Raphinha from the left (Xavi had just ordered the wingers to change bands) that the Brazilian made after a great recovery from Christensen.

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Pedri, scorer of the Blaugrana goal, then gave a chocolate to Borja Mayoral who stood alone against the German goalkeeper, who again won points in his own area. That end up being as important as those that are won in the opposite area.

Despite winning 1-0, it was Xavi who introduced changes at half-time. Christensen, with discomfort, left his position to Eric and Alba entered through Balde.

The game entered familiar ground for Barcelona that was very reminiscent of the tie against Espanyol. The Blaugrana team took a nap, Getafe began to believe in their chances and Barça played with fire.

The first who could get burned was Dembélé, who risked expulsion after a very ugly tackle on Alderete that the referee generously penalized with yellow. Barça did not exist on the pitch. With Busquets disastrous, Ansu failing on the day of his confirmation and the rest thinking about saving the furniture, the game entered a dangerous area for the culés. But there are months that you are on a roll. There is Barça.


Eric Garcia (45′, Andreas Christensen), Jordi Alba (45′, Alejandro Balde), Franck Kessie (61′, Raphinha), Gonzalo Villar (61′, Angel Algobia), Mark Alonso (76′, Sergi Roberto), For your (76′, Borja Mayoral), Juanmi Latasa (83′, Enes Ünal), Gaston Alvarez (83′, Juan Iglesias), jamie seoane (84′, Luis Milla)


Referee: Javier Iglesias Villanueva
VAR referee: César Soto Grado, Mario Melero López
Omar Alderete (43′,Yellow) Ousmane Dembele (67′,Yellow) Enes Ünal (81′,Yellow)


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