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Ms. Marvel: The All-Inclusive Disney has found its heroine

First episode available on Disney+for the new Marvel heroine: Kamala Khan a.k.a Miss Marvel. If she distances herself from her comic book counterpart in terms of powers, the background of the character is respected. Ms.Marvel is the archetype of the pariah with high potential, the studios did not need more disney to grab it and make it a pop icon, and for once, it works quite well.

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Ms. Marvel © Marvel Studios

Kamala is only a teenager of the Muslim faith (this is important) like the others, prey to the existential doubts of the thankless age, she seeks her place in a family that does not understand her and in a society that seems to her very bland, she who swears only by the heroic exploits of the Avengers, and of Captain Marvel Especially. Understood and supported only by his friend Bruno, she dreams of participating in the cosplay contest of the Avengers convention despite the reluctance of her parents. Without going into detail, the discovery of a bracelet that belonged to his grandmother will change his life.

Ms. Marvel © Marvel Studios

Exit, then, the teratogenic mists of comic books, which have made Kamala Kahn an inhuman. marvel studios play the card of the magical artifact that gives its wearer immense powers, in line with the ten rings and other magical charms of the world Marvel. A logical choice as the inhumans and teratogenesis have been forgotten by the public since their appearance in the Agents of SHIELD. Hopefully this choice won’t bring too many changes to the character when it comes to using their newly acquired abilities.

Ms. Marvel © Marvel Studios

From a technical point of view, we are on disney pure juice and we feel from the start the influences of Spiderman Generations and Spidey of Tom Hollandrecipe disney in all its glory. There is also a hint of Mei Lin ofRed alert. With this general vision of teenagers, the studios take no risks and accommodate this new character to a well-tested narrative scheme, although without surprises. A generic realization, in spite of the animated incursions on the screen as in Spiderman Generations, it is quite poor and without scope for the moment. Well aware that this is only the first episode, let’s hope that the sequel offers some surprises, less standard, on the editing and the narration. If the humor and the dialogues could also improve, it would not be a luxury. If the exchanges have no other purpose than to advance the story, the jokes and other comic effects are disconcertingly platitudes.

Ms. Marvel © Marvel Studios

Despite everything, Ms. Marvel remains pleasant, we find there the atmosphere and the energy of the Spidermen from which the series is inspired. For her first time on screen, Iman Vellani gives a believable and very endearing Kamala Kahn. If the inclusivity is put forward, it is not coarse and clumsy as Disney used to do, without being of great finesse. Muslim and teenage superheroine, as in the comics, Kamala Kahn is a charismatic and very interesting character on the narrative level, just like Miles Morales and his Afro-Latin American origins. Too bad that for this first episode, the narration sewn with white thread and the rather dull realization somewhat serve the efforts made.

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