Reinventing a hero to include him in an existing universe should not be easy, but here everything has been brought together to dodge the slightest narrative difficulty and lay the most predictable story of the mcu. The poverty of the scenario is veiled with a semblance of community political commitment coming from Nakiabest friend Kamalawhile this one is on her little cloud when she thinks of pleasing the handsome boy of the moment, while taking care to apply a space friendzone to Bruno who clearly expected more from their relationship.

ms marvel episode 2 easter eggs
The handsome service boy.

Apart from the irritating teenage girl aspect that suddenly takes on confidence, this episode is a succession of repetitions of everything we have already encountered in a superhero origin story. No originality in the narration and the construction of the happenings, by loosely chaining commonplaces. If visually the dynamic is maintained, we lose a lot on the management of digital effects which seem out of step with the characters, as well as the floating and “flight” effect of Kamala very rigid that struggle to make us forget the cables that hold the actress.

1655298977 220 Ms Marvel Episode 2 Ending Explanation
A lot of effort for little effect.

Story level, we move slowly between soft twists and weak gags. The character’s sympathy is well developed, but we don’t care a bit about what may have happened to him in the end. It remains to be hoped that the new characters introduced will develop the story as much as the lore of the character, otherwise the neon and glitter effects all over the screen will not be enough to last for 6 episodes.

download 9
The only “interesting” bits aren’t about Ms. Marvel.

Announcing itself as a groundbreaking series, Ms. Marvel is so far a pale copycat of everything that has ever been done. Uneven special effects and imprintless direction, served by a soulless cast that doesn’t overflow the roadmap, nothing we’ve seen so far can be called groundbreaking. Another sign of the softness of the studio which outbids to sell calibrated and standardized productions for the expectations of spectators who are not very demanding and accustomed to the same show seen and seen again without an ounce of soul or imagination. Yet with such a character the dramatic possibilities are gigantic, but Disney is once again playing it easy.


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