MS Dhoni: Defamation lawsuit filed against MS Dhoni, you know what's going on

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Defamation lawsuit filed against MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni: A big news has come to light regarding former Team India captain MS Dhoni. His former business partner Mihir Diwakar and Diwakar's wife Soumya Das have filed a defamation case against Dhoni in the Delhi High Court. We tell you that Dhoni had recently accused his two old business partners of cheating. This entire matter is related to Rs 15 Crore.

Defamation lawsuit filed against Dhoni

Diwakar and Das have sought a direction to restrain Dhoni and those acting on his behalf from making defamatory allegations against them in connection with the alleged breach of contract in 2017. This contract was signed between Dhoni's Diwakar and Das's company Arka Sports Management. This petition alleged that Dhoni and people working on his behalf have made defamatory allegations against Diwakar and Das that they cheated Dhoni of around Rs 16 million by failing to honor the contract to set up the cricket academy .

Dhoni had made these allegations

Dhoni had previously accused his two old business partners of cheating. Dhoni had written in the complaint that he was supposed to be given the contract to open a cricket academy, but it was not given to him and around Rs 16 million was embezzled from him. A case has been filed in the Ranchi lower court against two directors of sports management company Arka Sports. Dhoni's representatives said they had filed a criminal case on behalf of the cricketer in a Ranchi court against Arka Sports directors Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Das under sections 406 (criminal breach of trust) and 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code.

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