MP vs Mumbai: Madhya Pradesh won the 2022 Ranji Trophy title, defeating Mumbai

Ranji Trophy 2022 Champion MP team- India TV Hindi
Image Source: India TV
Ranji Trophy 2022 Team MP Champion


  • Madhya Pradesh beat Mumbai by 6 wickets in the final
  • Madhya Pradesh made history by winning the Ranji title for the first time
  • The MP team reached the final for the second time and then got the trophy.

2022 Ranji Trophy Final: Ranji Trophy has a new champion this time. The Madhya Pradesh team has made history by defeating Mumbai. The Madhya Pradesh team won the Ranji title for the first time. Previously, the Madhya Pradesh team had reached the final once. Karnataka had defeated Madhya Pradesh by 96 runs in the year 1998-1999 and the team’s dream of winning Ranji for the first time could not be fulfilled, but now after almost 22 years the team has not only won the Ranji title , but also the Ranji Trophy The great champions have beaten Mumbai. In the final, a strong team like Mumbai was defeated by Madhya Pradesh by 6 wickets.

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Madhya Pradesh’s victory was confirmed in the first innings.

Speaking of the final match, the Mumbai team batted first and scored 374 runs. For Mumbai, Sarfaraz Khan scored a century and Yashasvi Jaiswal also scored a half century. Although this score seemed great, but only until the Madhya Pradesh team did not bat. The Madhya Pradesh team made a huge 536-run score while batting, before which Mumbai’s score began to look like a dwarf. Madhya Pradesh had gained a huge lead in the early innings. After this, when the Mumbai team came out to bat in the second inning, the team was expected to give Madhya Pradesh a proper answer, but it could not happen. In the second inning, the entire team was able to score only 269 runs. With this it was decided that the Madhya Pradesh team will become the new champion of the Ranji Trophy. In the second inning, there was a small target of 107 runs against the Madhya Pradesh team, which the team easily achieved and made history.

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The Madhya Pradesh team lost the final at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore.

The Ranji Trophy final match was played at the Chinnaswathy Stadium in Bangalore. The interesting thing is that this is the same Chinnaswamy Stadium, where even after reaching the final, the Madhya Pradesh team failed to win the title. That year Madhya Pradesh was beaten by Karnataka by 96 runs. Today the stadium was the same, but the team was different. But the way the Madhya Pradesh team has performed throughout this match and tournament, everyone is praising it.

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