The Brazilian quality of Igor Carioca, Machado and Gilhermāo isIt will be crucial to reinforce the team from Torrejon during the second round of the competition. With a very powerful squad, Movistar Inter FS has incorporated these three signings with the intention of merging their characteristics, with those of the current squad commanded by the Toledo, and squeeze the talent they have shown across the pond to its maximum exponent. Overflow, technical quality and claw, are some of the attributes possessed by the recent Brazilian additions (Machado and Guilhermāo) who have already begun their period of adaptation in the team.

Last September, the interista fans welcomed Igor Carioca as one of the brand new signings of Movistar Inter FS. After several weeks of work, the Brazilian earned the trust of his coaching staff by playing minutes officially and immediately on the pitch. Thus, thanks to impossible dribbles and plays brimming with talent, Igor Carioca managed to earn the respect of his rivals and the approval of his fans. In his official presentation, Javier Lorente, Sports Director of the Interista Club, defined the Brazilian as follows: “Igor is a very powerful player, especially in one-on-one and with a lot of ability to unbalance”.

Match by match and minute by minute, the interista brought out his promising characteristics and helped his team with as many as Barça conceded at the Palau Blaugrana (matchday 10), establishing the equalizer on the scoreboard; or the one scored by the Brazilian in the first minute of the confrontation against Industrias Santa Coloma that brought the spectators of Jorge Garbajosa to their feet.

As for Machado and Gilhermāo, the recent additions to the Madrid squad, they have already started up their machinery and started their adaptation process to the team. Both, two important own names in their respective teams (Joinville and Corinthians) have come to Movistar Inter FS with the aim of fulfilling a dream. The expectations of his new team are not minor, since it is intuited that they will fit perfectly with the scheme of Tino for the second round of the league championship and land as young promises of the Futsal scene. The crucial part of the season is approaching, and Movistar Inter FS will use these three great signings as infallible tools to end the season in the best possible way; making history again


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