Movistar Inter leaves Barça out on penalties to return to a Cup final

Barcelona: Didac; Antonio, Sergio Lozano, Catela and Pito. Substitutes: Matheus, André Coelho, Adolfo, Puigvert, Sergio González, Marcenio, Touré, Carlos Ortiz and Miquel Feixas (ps). Coach: Jesus Velasco.

Movistar Inter: Jesus Herrero; Sepe, Cecilio, Rubi Lemos and Raúl Gómez. Substitutes: Lazarevic, Borja, Eric Martel, Drahovsky, Fits, Pola, Jesús García (ps), Kaito and Carlao. Coach: José Lucas Mena ‘Duck’-

Goals: 0-1, Raúl Gómez (9′); 1-1, Sergio González (20′).

Referees: Lamb Gallardo and Carrillo Arroyo.

Incidents: Palace of Sports of Granada. Attendance of about 6,000 spectators.

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