Movistar Estudiantes already has its second victory in the hell. It was in Melilla (63-76), in his first outing of the season and, as expected, it was a game of mud and mud. To chew dirt and bleed for every inch of the court conquered. Many alternatives on the scoreboard, many slight advantages that evaporated with the wind … until the last quarter came and the schoolboys took out the whip. They pulled gallons with Faggiano, Dee and Beirán (plus Sola’s quartermaster) in front to endorse, in less than five minutes, a lethal partial of 1-14. From the tie at 58 to the final 59-72. The people of Melilla panicked at that moment: from drowning their rival to entering a tidal wave of nerves that led them to bad losses in moments of life or death.

The meeting had nothing to do with the debut against Lleida. Neither because of the toughness of the opponent nor because of the joy in the collegiate game. Against the Catalans, the Madrilenians liked each other. They ran gracefully and in static they were fluid. This Wednesday everything was complicated before a rocky Melilla, who did not let De Jong (great temporary reinforcement) or Martin or Poirier breathe in the area (he looks splendid, but it must calm nerves). And it did not allow the movement of the ball to be so agile. Just Beirán’s gaze from the low post was a lifesaver. The Madrilenian is an out of the ordinary, a handyman that does everything and everything well: 7 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals for a PIR of 19. A world champion.

In addition, in attack they burned, mainly with Álex Llorca, a veteran in the category with an ACB past. A lot of quality for 12 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. Mazaira was not far either: 11, with very good movements. Barro and De Thay put muscle in the painting.

The Estu started badly. Very bad. 8-0 without knowing very well where to get into … or how to score: it took four minutes until they achieved their first basket. That Dee and Martín quickly committed fouls that brought them to the bench, didn’t help either. Of course, from there, the meeting got enjoy, with a lot of speed, a lot of blows and a lot of quarry. Cuspinera took the first quarter (19-21) with a quintet formed by Arroyo, Alderete, Sola and Stoilov plus Jackson. Minutes for the youngsters, especially for Arroyo, who did a good job in 16 minutes. Confidence, leadership and shiver from the perimeter. It is a basis for the present and the future.

The second quarter followed the script and in the third, Melilla tried to punch their rival. But the last one arrived and Movistar threw gallons. The second is already at home like the first in the women’s Eurocup after a huge comeback from the Women in Black.


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