Movistar Estudiantes against the ropes

Second blow for Hereda San Pablo Burgos in the LEB Oro quarterfinals. And this seems lethal for Movistar Estudiantes. Not only because of that 0-2 that places the Castilians one win away from the Final Four with the next two matches at the Coliseumat home, in a venue that will be bursting to support their own and feel a little closer to their return to the Endesa League just one year after falling to Hell. But also because of the game, because the schoolboys fell (89-102) in a clear and forceful way against a rival who dominated the match at all times. The people of Burgos felt very comfortable thanks, once again, to their incredible success from the perimeter. A real madness: 20 scored from 31 attempts. 5 more than the first day when they did a 15 of 31. Impossible to stop such an efficient machine. Rupnik took over from Khyri Thomas with 17 points on 5-of-6 from three. Josep Franch, with 23 goals, was the top scorer for the locals, who will be in LEB Oro for the third year in a row if a benign god does not intercede.

to finish off Unlike the opening match of these quarterfinals, the Castilians made the decision to jump at their rival’s jugular from the first minute. No speculating. Not letting it settle. Take advantage of the favorable wind that Friday’s duel gave them to submit, minute by minute, to their rival in the first half. They knew how to break the collegiate individual defense and also the variants in the zone, which once again allowed the corner shooters to have a perfect line of sight of their objective. The schoolboys were in tow. They cover what they could cover with Smith, something from Leimanis and a Franch who made it 22-21 at the end of the first period with two triples, each one further away than the other. A suspicious advantage, apparently quite false on the parquet.

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And, of course, if something seems to be a lie, it is a lie. Burgos pulled the weapon that gave them the initial victory in this tie: the triple. Well, actually, it was the two teams that lashed out from the perimeter, but San Pablo had three things going for it: only He had to defend his advantage, he has greater potential from the line of three and the Ramireña defense was not forceful. He was going down with a puff… and Hereda gave seven out of eight attempts, with San Miguel (how he has handled the two duels) successful and Kancinas appearing in bursts. Rare but lethal. With those ingredients, this soup: 15 points in the first three minutes of the second quarter. 21, the same as in the initial period, in four. And 36!, in 10 to put the 49-57 at halftime. Huge Corbalán in cutting and penetration. Mahalbasic was a buoy in attack. Only Hughes, Franch and Larsen shaded the boys from Curro Segura.

Estu was on the canvas. The change had to start from the defense, from lowering the outside success of his rival… and nothing happened. In any moment. The ship had collided with the iceberg and too much water was coming in through the crack. And the need became nervousness with the arbitration, which took each contact as a foul, and despair. Two triples from Álex López and one from Rupnik made it +19 (55-74). Burgos reaches 15 triples in 24 attempts. A 68.2% lethal success that was also fed by collegiate losses: 10 in three quarters, 12 in total. The curtain went down little by little in the last period with some Castilians who are already in the Final Four. Only a rollover that is difficult to foresee at this time would prevent it.

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