Movistar and a change “to get closer to the people”

Every morning, as usual, Movistar goes with its bus (and the respective team cars) to the signature control. They usually arrive half an hour early, and every day the time to get to the podium varies, but all the buses are usually located before the first runner of the peloton make their signature prior to each stage. The one from Movistar arrives and the runners, technicians, assistants go down… and communication people, including Pablo Ordorica, who in just over a year has become a mass phenomenon. As the runners pass by him, the little ones (and also quite a few adults) ask Pablo for a photo. Others ask for an autograph on a jersey, in a notebook… and some even bring them gifts. “This sausage for you to eat at a refreshment station,” they told him in Bilbao. How does one person get a team to suddenly connect so much with people? “The main thing is naturalness,” says this man from Gijón who lives in Madrid.

After various communication tasks, Ordorica, who has studies in Sports Marketing Management, landed on the team in 2022. At the first concentration, in Almería, he sees a great opportunity to teach people everything he is seeing for the first time. “I observed all the deployment that is necessary. Trucks, mechanics, assistants, masseurs… all working in a coordinated manner, so that the protagonists, the runners, achieve their goals. From the first moment I thought that this was not taught, nor was it told, and it seemed incredible to me, ”he explains. It was the beginning of a trajectory that continues to rise and that has YouTube as its main focus. #No chain and the personal Vlog on Pablo’s own channelthe main points of diffusion to know the day to day of the team.

“We had the least expected day, which focused more on runners. In my case, I try to tell the work behind the human group. The way of organizing, the logistics… I asked to be allowed to put in a GoPro camera and explain the day to day of the team combined with sports stuff. The runners themselves also appear explaining that it is a bag of water, which clothes are best to go out at each time of the year and analyzing a bike… We are used to professional interviews with brutal image and audio quality, It looks like it’s from the movies, and in our way it doesn’t give you much professionalism, but it helps you connect with people, because anyone can use a GoPro. We show ourselves as we are, without a script, and with that the viewer feels close”, explains Pablo, who also worked for La Vuelta some time ago.

This change in communication comes after one of the main social networks such as Twitter noticed a certain distancing from people. “Twitter is the one that people in general give the most cane and the team had become very hermetic, distanced from the public. Today Movistar is the only Spaniard in the top category (World Tour), the one that should make all Spaniards feel proud, and we wanted to change that perspective naturally and easily. We have to open up and that they verify that the runners and runners are normal people. That if a race goes wrong they are the first to be upset” says Ordorica, 31, who also “helps” his teammates and friends to be better known. “Escámez, although he already knew more about him, the people from the time of Bala, Ibai, Chente… they are asking for more and more photos.”

Pablo Ordorica, signing an autograph during the Tour
Pablo Ordorica, signing an autograph during the Tour

In addition, Ordorica tries to show differential things, videos that are not given in other teams and a way of working that comes to light with his Vlogs: “Miguel Grávalos, CEO of the team, explained in a video how Movistar works at the company level . In another, Sebastián Unzué tells us the way in which transfers are treated and carried out. We want people, the spectators, to feel like one more and we welcome them with delight. Also for our sponsors it is a greater visibility in an indirect waywithout aggressive advertising and in a completely natural and even fun way on many occasions. Many mornings people come by to say hello and they know that the next day they will surely see themselves in the video. It is an interesting content for cycling lovers and we are observing that more and more people who are not related to this sport are getting more and more hooked. We are super attached to all our public ”. The Movistar, the longest-lived structure in the cycling peloton that also adapts to changing times.

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